“Fans want to peer under the curtain, they want to know who we are as people, I think any TV Outlet that gives guys the opportunity to truly be who they are and share what their all about without any reservations..… One more outlet, especially when it comes to faith and a place where fans can learn more about you, I think is always a good thing.”
- Kurt Warner - NFL Network / Super Bowl MVP

It is gratifying in this day of shock journalism to read about athletes and coaches who are striving each day to be good teammates, family men, and contributors to their communities. Their stories are engaging, inspirational ...”
- Roger Staubach - Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame Quarterback


This high-energy, interactive, entertainment-style, Super Bowl charged celebration features live presentations with the stories of high-profile NFL players and coaches talking about what matters most: FAITH and FAMILY.

“This is not about football. It's about faith, framed by football and some of the game's greats who demonstrate that there is much more to their lives than Xs and Os and blocks and tackles.”

- Vic Carucci, Bills/NFL Writer, SiriusXM NFL Radio host; Former Senior Columnist, NFL.com